Spray Vs Wheel-To-Wheel Machines


In the world of modern line marking machines, two popular options stand out: spray line markers and wheel-to-wheel markers. In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between these two machine types and the implications they have for your line marking needs.

You can see the differences visually with the images below, highlighting our Classic wheel-to-wheel andHybrid spray marker.


For those who prefer a classic approach, wheel-to-wheel markers are a reliable choice. These machines use three wheels, one of which is situated inside an open paint tank. This setup ensures a consistent paint usage regardless of your walking speed, as the amount of paint applied remains the same.

These markers have no complex electronics and usually come at a more budget-friendly price compared to spray markers. Requiring minimal maintenance, they are straightforward enough for anyone at your club to use. These qualities make them an excellent fit for grassroots clubs.

It is important to note that these machines are cheaper than sprays, however do require more paint to mark a pitch, meaning they may be more expensive long term. With our Transfer paint, you can expect to mark a full size football pitch with 6.5L.


Spray line markers are more technical, utilising a nozzle, pump, and battery to spray paint between two edges or discs, like using a stencil. The spraying mechanism results in a thin, even layer of paint covering the grass, providing bright and quick drying lines with minimal paint usage.

Since spray machines maintain a constant flow of paint, your walking speed influences the amount of paint put down—walk faster, use less paint; walk slower, use more paint. You can also change nozzles to find a personal sweet spot between paint consumption and walking speed.

It’s worth noting that spray machines do demand a higher degree of upkeep, need charging, and require a bit more expertise to operate effectively. However, the superior line quality is well worth the effort. Particularly when paired with our Ecoline+ or Direct line marking paints, these machines can cover up to six full-size football pitches using just 10L of paint, achieving stadium-level brilliance and longevity. Spray markers are the go-to choice for professionals seeking top-notch results.


When it comes to choosing between spray and wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, understanding the distinctions is crucial. Wheel-to-wheel markers offer a dependable and straightforward solution, while spray markers provide advanced precision and quality, albeit with some maintenance demands. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements and the level of professionalism you seek.

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