Concentrate Mixing Kit

Field Accessory

This Concentrate Mixing Kit is useful for any groundsman who uses concentrated line marking paints like Pitchmark’s Clubline or Extreme.

The 2-litre jug allows you to accurately measure out the paint so you can keep consistency in your pitch marking costs, whilst the bucket is large enough to hold 15 litres of mixing solution.

You can mix the liquid using the hand stirrer or the metal drill piece for a quick and efficient mix.


15L Mixing Bucket with Metal Handle

For mixing all of the paint in

7" Funnel

To pour the mixed paint back into your paint tank or drum

2L Measuring Jug

For measuring out the correct amount of paint & water for mixing

Metal Stirrer

Suitable for use with a battery-powered drill 

Multi-Purpose 3 in 1 Stirrer

3 in 1 stirrer – lid opener, scraper and mixer

Pitchmark Line Marking