Football Pitch Line Marking

We supply a complete range of specialist line marking paints, machines and accessories to the world’s most renowned grounds staff, whose work is seen by millions of people every week.

We are proud to play a small yet critical part in UEFA Euro 2020™, FIFA World Cup 2022™, Champions League™, English Premier League™, and grassroots football.


Football Pitch Paint

line marking paints for natural grass, artificial grass, and hard surfaces. Many examples can be seen on top football stadia and grassroots pitches every week.

Advanced low volume ready-to-use  line marking paints. No mixing required, shake well and it’s ready to go.

Versatile line marking paint designed to be mixed thoroughly with water.


Artificial Grass Paint

Long-lasting football pitch line marking paint for synthetic grass surfaces.

Football Pitch Marking Machines

Line marking machines suitable for all football pitches. Used by top grounds staff around the globe, from grassroots to professional sport.

Battery-powered spray line marking machines utilising a 3-stage filtration system combined with a high-pressure pump for superior results.

Our Classic range of line markers follow the traditional style of wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, but with modern manufacturing methods. 

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Football Pitch Marking Accessories

Accessories to help the line marking of football pitches easier and quicker. We supply field accessories, machine accessories, and spare parts.

A unique and innovative product specifically developed for the re-marking of football pitches.

Our Professional Marking Kit is a great kit to aid the groundsman when helping to measure and string out pitches from scratch.

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Made In Britain

Our paint is manufactured to the highest standards and proudly bears the Made in Britain mark.

Pitchmark Line Marking