100m Measuring Tape

Field Accessory

Perfect for groundsmen, this reliable 100m measuring tape (330ft) provides superior accuracy when setting out a pitch.

It is crafted with PVC-coated fibreglass with metric measurements and a metal hook on the end.

It is also secured in a sturdy plastic case and its 3x geared mechanism ensures swift winding in, giving you the opportunity to maximize time efficiency out on the pitch.


Combination Product

Combined with our Guide Reel, String Line and Pegs, you will mark pitches with ease. Alternatively, try one of our Grassroots or Professional Marking Kits to get all the accessories needed to mark a pitch, in a neat and tidy bag.

Improved Accuracy

This line marking accessory increases accuracy when marking out a pitch, leaving you with a professional looking pitch time after time.

Pitchmark Line Marking