Grassroots Line Marking

This line marking paint is perfect for grassroots football clubs on a budget. With the easy-to-use application and vibrant colours, you’ll have the lines clearly marked out on any grass pitch in no time. Not only that, but this durable paint won’t easily be washed away by even the heaviest of downpours – ideal for all-weather matches.

Line Marking Machines

Eco Lite

Our entry level spray marker truly offers world-class results, on a grassroots budget. Spray markers do require more maintenance than a wheel-to-wheel marker but are more economical overall in terms of paint usage.

Classic Mini

The Classics baby brother, with slightly smaller capacity and plastic wheels, the Mini is perfect for those on a tight budget. But don’t worry, there is no compromise on quality, these machines are still made in Britain and built to last.

Line Marking Paint


A Bright and weather-resistant concentrate paint designed to be mixed at 4:1, allowing you to mark up to 4 pitches from one 10L bottle. Available in 600L & 750L IBC’s and also available in a range of colours for overlaying smaller pitches within the main pitch.


Our finest paint for a traditional wheel-to-wheel line marker like our Classic. Designed to be used neat, however we recommend grassroots clubs mix 1:1 with water. This makes the lines slightly less bright, but twice as much pitch for the money.

Field Accessories

LineFix Kit

No more initial marking! With LineFix you only need to measure your pitch out once, regardless of your lines fading away over the summer.

Penalty Circle Marker

You take great pride in the rest of your pitch, don’t neglect the penalty spot!

Grassroots Marking Kit

A great kit to aid the groundsman when helping to measure and string out pitches from scratch.


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Pitchmark Line Marking