Spray Marker Service Kit

Machine Accessory

Our Spray Marker Service Kit is suitable for customers who want to keep their spray line marking machine in top working order.  Although the Service Kit is suitable for the Eco Pro and Eco Club spray machines, it may be compatible with other pedestrian spray line markers on the market. 

Parts included in the Spray Marker Service Kit can be replaced on your machine in a matter of seconds, ensuring your marker won’t be out of action for long. 


M8 handwheel (male)

Rubber seal for 10mm in-line filter

M6 handwheel (male)

Inner filter for 10mm in-line filter

Flat fan bayonet cap

2 x yellow flat fan nozzles for concentrate paints such as Clubline and Extreme

2 x green flat fan nozzles for concentrate paints such as Clubline and Extreme 

Eco cap assembly (for low volume ready-to-use paints such as Ecoline+ and Direct)

Starlock wheel cap with washer

2 x rubber seals for bayonet caps

Disc rod washer

‘R’ clip for disc rod

1 x green 100 mesh filter (for low volume ready-to-use paints such as Ecoline+)

1 x blue 50 mesh filter (for use with AGPDirect and Concentrate paints)


Eco Club

Eco Pro

Pitchmark Line Marking