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The calculators below allow you to determine & compare the actual cost of a line marking paint based on its “Pitch Price”. 

In many instances, opting for a more expensive line marking paint proves more cost-effective as it can mark up to six pitches, while cheaper paints may only cover one pitch. Thus, the higher-priced paint offers better value for money.

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Line marking paints for natural grass, artificial grass, and hard surfaces. Many examples can be seen in top stadia every week.

Line marking machines suitable for all sports pitches. Used by top grounds staff around the globe, from grassroots to professional sport.

Accessories to help the line marking of sports pitches easier and quicker. We supply field accessories, machine accessories, and spare parts.


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We have supplied 5 major tournaments with paint and machines.


A stack of the paint bottles we supplied in 2022 would reach 21km tall.


This equates to 2.3 times the height of Mount Everest!

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