Grassroots Marking Kit

Field Accessory

Our Grassroots Marking Kit is a great kit to aid the groundsman when helping to measure and string out pitches from scratch.

Containing a measuring tape, hand reel, string line, aerosol, pegs, penalty spot marker, and a 3-4-5 triangle to mark the perfect pitch from scratch.


1 x 100m measuring tape

To measure the pitch out.

1 x Mini Hand Reel

To stop the string line from getting tangled.

1 x 200m String Line

To use as a straight line when marking from point to point.

1 x 750ml White Aerosol Spray Marker Paint

To mark key measurements on the pitch or to quickly mark penalty spots.

4 x Heavy Duty Pegs

These are used to peg the string line in place on the ground.

1 x Penalty Spot Marker

A quick and easy rubber template to mark perfectly circle penalty spots quickly & easily.

1 x 3-4-5 Triangle

This allows you to quickly mark out perfectly square pitches with ease.

Improved Accuracy

This line marking Kit increases accuracy when marking out a pitch, leaving you with a professional looking pitch time after time.

Pitchmark Line Marking