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How minute manufacturing details like fractional millimetres can determine the fate of entire nations in the World Cup Finals.

Let’s revisit a key moment in the 2022 World Cup Finals. As Japan staged an incredible 2-1 comeback against 2010 World Cup Winners Spain, their second goal caused confusion and controversy. The video match officials reviewed goal line camera images to determine if the ball was partially on the line or not. The margins were extremely fine, but the goal was ultimately awarded, though FIFA has since released an official video to address the controversy.

However, most sporting and news outlets have overlooked an important factor – line width. Many of the stadia, including the Khalifa International Stadium where the game took place, used our line marking products. The ground staff at the stadium used our Hybrid spray marker alongside Ecoline+ paint to produce the crisp white lines on the pitch. 

And this is where our production team come into it. Before we send our Hybrid spray markers to stadium ground staff, we ensure that the line width is set precisely at 100mm, the FIFA legislation.

Paint coverage and visibility is also a critical factor in these defining moments. We believe Ecoline+ is the best line marking paint on the market, especially when applied with our Hybrid line marker. This combination provides highly detailed and unmistakably precise pitch markings.

The importance of this was really highlighted during the Japan vs Spain game. Our manufacturing team takes great pride in their work in Bristol, England, and they understand that minute details like fractional millimetres can determine the fate of entire nations in the World Cup Finals.

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